Drupal 7 cache flush module

Sometimes we need to flush cache on drupal site for one small thing become visible. And we had to clear all caches to make visible small change for block or for node field value. Now we have solution it is Cache Flush module. We can easily flush cache for block using "Flush cache" contextual link. 

To get these links we need to enable Cache Flush module and check block caching setting on this page yoursite.com/admin/config/development/performance.

 Also we can flush cache for any node, user, taxonomy term. Here is example on node page.

Also this module has interation with Acquia Purge module and it clear cache for pages in Varnish load balancers.

We already added views and panels cache flush.


For views clearing cache is the same as for drupal blocks. But in panels we added pane previx link. To flush cache you need to click it and reload page. One more thing some panels block can be visible only to anonymous users, you will not find flush cache link on them until add "access contextual links" permission. You should not do it, because it is permission only for trusted roles.

Flush Cache links for panels are displayed only if they are cached. On image above you will see "Flush Cache" links for panels panes.

One more news, now we are able to flush any cache bin using this path yoursite.com/admin/config/development/cache-flush. Example image above.

Also we are going to create 8.x branch and make this module available for 8 drupal. Thank you, good luck!