Drupal 7 Webform and Workbench Moderation

On one of our projects we had to enable revisions for webform node. By default webform node revisions are not available and supported. We didn't need revisions related to webform section of node we just needed to give editors ability to change fields values and create multiple revisions of node (not related to submissions data). Along with webform was used Workbench moderation module. When we enabled webform moderation we was not able to publish webform node. Only given below code snippet helped us.

Drupal 8 add image style programmatically

Hi, during port to Drupal 8 one of my modules I had to create own image style in code. How I did that?

1) Follow image style page and create image style you need;

2) Follow conf sync page yoursite.com/admin/config/development/configuration/single/export, selecting "Image style" in "Configuration type" select list. Then select previously created image style in "Configuration name" select list. You will get all settings of Image style in "Here is your configuration:" text area. You should copy image style configuration starting from "name" key.


Why drupal is so slow?

Hi, I heard a lot of similar questions about drupal performance. Can agree that we are not able to create facebook using drupal, should mention that even pure php is not very suitable for this purpose. (As you know facebook created own php extension which compiles php code in c and execute it faster then native php interpreter.) Drupal is disigned for sites which have mostly anonymous users as main audience. There are sites like examiner.com which designed for logged in users. Such sites use drupal with mongo as db engine, but there are not too many of them.

Direct to Card - Cellfire PHP SOAP API interaction example

Hi, one of our clients decided to implement Cellfire Direct to Card coupons. To start using this api you need to get wsdl file url and two http headers values Api-Key and tlc.

After you get these parameters please use code below to connect to Cellfire SOAP API. I spent some time to realize how to do it. I hope it will save your time.

Thank you

Local bash script to deploy acquia cloud

Hi, on one of my projects I was faced with problem of deploying code to acquia cloud environment assuming that theme files were generated by grunt. As far as I know acquia do not allow to install grunt on their servers so I had to create custom shell script to deploy code from my local. Probably the next step is setting up jenkins and triggering deploy with git hooks but for now it is quite enough for this website. I hope this info will be helpful for someone.

Thank you

Fitbit application for drupal site

Hi, I had to create custom module to implement fitbit intergation on one of our drupal sites. I really like fitness and most part of my drupal sites are dedicated to  this theme. Fitbit is a very interesting system which collect user data such as quantity of calories during the day, quantity of steps and on theirs basis calculates fitness activity. As I think it is very good and challenging to have one of fitbit devices which track your activity and make it visible to your friends, colleagues etc. 


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